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Testosterone Replacement Therapy Improves Heart Health

Testosterone helps men live an extremely healthy lifestyle. A natural level is going to help any man mentally and physically, which is why testosterone replacement therapy has grown in popularity.

The older men get, the lower their testosterone levels become. Fixing that can lead to some significant changes, including significant health benefits. Studies show that standard levels of testosterone promote an extremely healthy heart and blood.

Focusing on Cardiovascular Health

Without a healthy, efficient heart, a person can have a lot of health issues. From some minor issues all the way to a higher risk of death, things can get out of control in a hurry when it involves the heart. A healthy heart is responsible for pumping blood properly to all parts of the body to achieve peak performance. With the help of testosterone, red blood cell production increases throughout a person’s bone marrow.

Low testosterone levels put a person at a few different cardiovascular risks. Men are found to be at a higher risk of having a heart attack or stroke, dealing with clogged arteries, and having angina pain.

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death, so any man at risk should be doing whatever possible to keep everything operating smoothly. Since therapy options help increase natural levels, a man does not run the risk of having any complications from too much testosterone in the body.

The Indirect Impact of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Keeping the heart healthy with increased testosterone levels certainly helps directly, but so does getting the right amount of exercise on a daily basis. In a slightly indirect way, increased testosterone levels help with that as well.

One of the side effects of low testosterone happens to be lower energy levels and general fatigue throughout the day. A person never seems to feel like they are fully rested, which makes a person less productive and irritable throughout the day. When men are suffering from this, the last thing many want to do is hit the gym and stay as active as they should. Even if they know it makes a difference, it is hard to push through workouts after a full day of work.

By increasing testosterone levels with therapy, a man is more energized to get everything they want done. That means finding time to work out and enjoy life. A healthy amount of diet and exercise is going to keep the heart operating as it should. Testosterone makes the entire body function better, which is why so many men look into it in the first place.

Are there other ways to increase testosterone levels to go along with therapy?

Therapy certainly helps, but there are other ways to naturally increase testosterone levels as well. Doing something as simple as changing a diet a bit can set a person up for as much success as possible. Introducing a few new foods and herbs to the mix with lead to some slight increases.

Look for foods that have Vitamin D, dehydroepiandrosterone (also known as DHEA), Zinc, and L-arginine in them. Just make sure that there are no allergic reactions to these foods that could outweigh the positives. Foods like tuna, oysters, egg yolks and garlic are just a few choices that help with increased testosterone and in turn, a healthy heart.

Are there any risks with increased testosterone levels through therapy?

The positives of testosterone replacement therapy far outweigh the negatives, but there are some to keep in mind. Not everyone is going to have any adverse reactions, but there is a chance of skin issues, mood swings, a decrease in sperm count, and more.

For this reason, testosterone treatment is not for everyone. Men who have any prostate issues are advised to look in a different direction. Those who suffer from sleep apnea also should consult with a medical professional before coming to any conclusions.

Men notice that higher testosterone levels provide more than just help with growth and masculine characteristics. They keep the body looking and feeling great. The fact that it can also play a role in helping a vital organ like the heart stay strong is reason enough for many to give it a legitimate try.